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Refrigerators are wonderful appliances - they store, chill and maintain freshness for all food items - whether frozen, fresh produce or items that must be maintained for that special occasion - that one has coming up ahead in their social schedule. The problem with them though as being appliances that need electricity to operate plus a properly ventilated environment, in which to function well.

We know they have a motor, tubing for a chemical cooling agent that helps maintain its ability to keep those foods cool, properly frozen (when stored in the freezer), an interior light for ease of seeing what is there inside; plus a compressor using a fan (as well as previously mentioned chemicals) to keep cold foods cold at that perfect temperature that one's foods demand - for safety underscores the importance of the well-being of all those whom consume the food. Remember too: a proper knowledge of the main temperature control system is crucial - keep it too warm - your foods 'thaw', too 'cold' - they freeze - and not in the freezer !!!

It is thereby important to have the unit a generally prescribed distance from the wall for proper ventilation and ease of cleaning behind the unit. The proper ventilation will keep the motor from overheating - and also it is important to allow access for dust to be removed - using a vacuum hose - with a narrow opening nozzle to direct any ‘dust bunnies’ away from the air-vent area - in the front of the unit and / or in the back as well, where the coils are. That is a notorious location for the gathering of these 'dust bunnies'. Keeping that area clear & dust free is an all around benefit that will also extend the life of the motor; helping your refrigerator function well. Keeping it plugged in a dedicated outlet - by not overloading the outlet is not to be disregarded. You don't want to move it in order to clean behind and find out the plug is not completely in the outlet due to another appliance's cord interfering with this refrigerator's own plug!

Pomona Commercial Refrigerator repair

Some refrigerators have an ice maker in them - they are wonderful and save trips to the store as to ice for a gathering - or even everyday use. Proper installation of copper water lines and understanding its basic functioning is important - in some older refrigerators an ice maker may cut back on the amount of space used for frozen food storage - it is best to include this function if you don't have a concern to the reduced area for food, as the container will take up a bit of room in a traditional unit with a top freezer and bottom 'normal' refrigerator space styled unit. Again keeping the unit clean, monitoring how often you make ice and use it up quickly - rather than let it get stale by being idle - can avoid some personal satisfaction problems they can have over time. Valves that control water can be blocked - so it is nice to know it is not a costly repair. Unblocking that valve is not hard to do.

The next aspect is also to set the unit upon a level floor. An unlevel floor will prevent the main door (or doors if one has a dual door unit) from opening properly. The unit may not be able to close tightly - a seal that does not allow for that is anathema! That allows for lack of food quality via improper cooling (a possible thawing of food when you least expect it). This lack of being on a level surface, even by using the small leveling feet on a unit, can also create a problem. Sometimes this aforementioned leveling solution can be aided in using a small wooden 'shim' under the support of the unit. That can too be not workable - for example - and creates a potential for spills; in trying to make up for that poorly leveled floor, could make a worse mess! - By the way, no one wants to clean up a refrigerator when they are expecting guests at the last minute (OH THE HORROR) and what if the dessert got tipped unexpectedly etc., - upsetting the appearance of the specially-made items? That would not be good at all ... So keep in mind, a level floor solves a LOT of problems that jerry-rigging to compensate may not.

If one has a large capacity commercial-styled refrigerator such as True or Arctic Air - or any of the larger high-end models - Sub-Zero, Viking, etc., these same concerns apply - compressors will fail - as they convert the warm air in the unit to cooled air and again you avoid failure by prevention of overheating; and other problems by keeping things in optimum condition - keeping vents clear, free of crumbs & food debris, wiping down door seals with a warm wet cloth and clearing away other ‘dust bunnies’, along the grids in front, back, etc., don't forget the dust that accumulates on the side of the unit- cleaning all surfaces for a desired result of being in tip-top shape.

Pomona Commercial Refrigerator repair

These higher-end units will have deluxe finishes on the exteriors - many use stainless steel, or colored enamels, many are highly polished; there are some with textured finishes that are not immune to marking, stains and other cosmetic issues. By taking care of the exteriors, wiping them down with a nonabrasive cleanser, also keeping the interiors clean - immediately wiping of spills afterwards, taking care in not banging plates or containers of food hard upon glass shelves (by the way they are a big improvement over the open vinyl coated wire shelved units of years past, on lower valued brands of refrigerators) - one can eliminate headaches.

Interestingly, the larger restaurant-oriented commercial units have fans, that must be kept functioning well - keeping them accessible to the person in charge of the unit is a must - any airflow blockage by food, equipment stored inside and placed upon shelving in the interior of the unit will not allow for proper ventilation, the airflow that all foods rely upon that are desired to be properly stored is critical. Temperature problems can be avoided in this way. Storage of food in food grade buckets, other smaller containers of plastic and the obviously manufactured frozen foods, kept separately from other foods including other non-frozen items depend upon this for a restaurant's success ... and failure can occur if temperature issues are neglected.

Ease in access to all grades of food is critical. Good design in walk-in refrigerators is important, as to width, height and depth. One larger well thought-out, and interior-wise well planned unit as to spaces, shelves that are stainless steel, other furniture used in storing food - must all be easily K'D for use when cleaning the unit out when demanded, and for ease in assembly in use as an aid as the whole function of the larger, better unit is better than several poorly thought-out ones via comparison.

Pomona Refrigerator repair

The doors must have a tight locking seal, a light (or at least several of them) that can be accessed and also changed easily - to not allow a person within when gathering foods for use to be set into the darkness, or let alone a poor, dimly lit situation making it a frustrating 'hunt' for food ingredients. Latches on exterior doors should be easily opened to prevent a person from being locked in from both sides interior and exterior. Safety is key!

Interior and exterior finishes again for a commercial restaurant refrigerator (just as to the much smaller homeowner's residential unit) are as important: with stainless steel allowing for the best protection (the all-around cleanliness aspect). Stainless surfaces can be cleaned easily with bleach, de-greasers, hydrogen peroxide (among others) to keep all the interior areas safe, from potential cross contamination when there are differing items stored in close proximity. Wiping down - and allowing to dry both interior and exteriors on a regular as well as intermittent basis per health & safety regulations are a must.

Motors are also suspect to the same problem as to the residential ones - but obviously on a larger more complex, scale. Electrical wiring and all used coolants must meet guidelines; be maintained accordingly, to the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) testing, meet other desired codes such as: NSF certification (National Sanitation Foundation (international)), USDOE 'Energy Saver' guidelines, etc. Any 'overheating', voltage problem, or other electrical problem with a motor, compressor, evaporator and other allied aspects ideally should 'rarely' happen - but they do; as a consumer be ready to anticipate issues at any time - or other minor problems; so they won't be such a 'shock' - or an unpleasant, totally 'unexpected' surprise.

A competent repair company experienced in refrigeration, fan, lubrication of motor parts, wiring, other condenser or allied components; and also cooling function problems or (evaporation unit with the refrigerator) failure is the one to call in these.

A refrigerator should be an easy to maintain appliance in any format - but when it needs repair, one can know there are excellent solutions available.

Our team of dedicated, friendly and highly knowledgeable residential and commercial refrigeration repair specialists offer emergency repairs and rapid dispatch across the Pomona area.

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Our highly trained team of appliance repair specialists can help you today. Airflow Appliance Repair's team can quickly and conveniently fix or repair any of the major brands of refrigerators such as: Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, Frigidaire, GE Monogram, GE Profile, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Maytag, Miele, Samsung, Sub-Zero, Thermador, Viking, Whirlpool

Contact our friendly team today, to discuss your refrigerator repairs.

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In addition to our expert knowledge and extensive appliance repair history we offer a 5 year limited warranty on major parts. This means that you can rest assured at the high quality of workmanship we offer to our customers.

Additionally, we also offer a 30 day warranty on labor. What this means is simple: If your appliance has any other problems within 30 days from the day of the original repair, we promise to fix it with a 50% discount on labor for the second service call. To learn more about appliance repair warranty in Pomona area click here.

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Save 15% off labor on residential and commercial refrigeration repair




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