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Washing machines are incredible time savers that can make your life much easier. Laundry used to be an all-day affair; now, clothes can be cleaned at the touch of a button.

Most washing machines agitate your clothes in water and detergent, followed by a rinse and a spin to dry them. They can be either top-loading or front-loading. Top-loading washers usually have a metal basket with holes that is set inside a tub that can fill with water. In the center of the basket, an agitator pumps water and spins to wash clothes. These usually have plastic or metal fins to help scrub the items. The tub fills with water, which floods the basket. Liquid or powdered detergent is added directly to the tub or sometimes into a separate compartment. After the wash cycle, the tub drains and fills multiple times to rinse the clothing. Finally, the basket is spun to wring out excess water. The agitator is driven by a gearbox with a clutch and a crank.

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Most high-end washing machines are front-loading. These are often preferred for large items such as comforters or sheets, which can become twisted around the agitator of a top-loading machine. In these machines, the basket, here called a “drum,” is mounted horizontally and rotates when the machine is running. The causes the clothing to tumble and agitate through a combination of the rotation and the force of gravity. Paddles along the side of the basket help to lift and drop the clothes. This is more gentle on clothing than the agitation of a top-loading machine. Front-loading washers require less water, detergent, and energy to run.

Most modern washers come with a variety of options for different types of laundry. They can use hot, warm, or cold water (or a combination of any two) for the washing and rinsing cycles. They work at different speeds so that you can scrub your badly soiled clothes or gently wash delicates.

Many have timers that offer delayed start so that your clothes won’t be sitting wet in the washer waiting for you to come home.

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Many popular brands of washing machines in the United States and Canada actually come from the same manufacturers. Kenmore machines, which are sold exclusively at Sears and its affiliates, are usually made by Whirlpool, GE, or Frigidaire. Amana, Maytag, and Speed Queen are all owned by Whirlpool. Your best bet is to compare different models and brands before you purchase a new machine. Look at customer reviews on the internet. Also look for energy star ratings to ensure energy efficiency.

With so many moving parts, there is a lot that can go wrong with your washer. In top-loading machines, a big problem can be overloading. The agitator can become jammed. This may damage the motor or gearbox. The agitator dogs, which help it spin, are actually designed to break if something gets caught as a safety mechanism. If your agitator won’t spin both ways, these have probably broken. Clothing may also become stuck between the base of the agitator and the bottom of the wash basket. In these cases, the agitator must usually be removed.

Front-loading washing machines are more mechanically simple than top-loaders, so there is less that can break. The motor is connected to the drum by a pulley belt and wheel, so there is no gearbox. However, the position of the drum means that an extremely tight seal is needed for the door of the washer, or water will leak out onto the floor. If you see water collecting around your machine, check whether you gasket is becoming worn. Another potential problem is that small items of clothing such as socks can actually slip between the drum and the outer tub. Most machines have a bellows around the door to prevent this from happening, but if it does, the clothing can plug the drain or jam the motor. Complete disassembly of the machine is often required to remove these items and repair the damage. The bellows themselves can collect lint and dirt, or can grow mildew and mold if they remain moist, so it is important to wipe or clean them periodically.

Both types of washer can be prone to leaks caused by worn-out water pumps or obstructed or loose drainage pipes. Ducts can become clogged by items that slip out of your pockets or buttons that snap off your clothing. The belt of the machine can also wear and become loose. One of the most common problems with washers is a broken lid switch. Since the machines are designed not to run if the door is open, if the lid switch breaks, the entire machine will stop working. Fixing most of these problems requires opening up the machine.

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Our team of dedicated, friendly and highly knowledgeable residential and commercial washers repair specialists offer emergency repairs and rapid dispatch across the Pomona area.

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Our highly trained team of appliance repair specialists can help you today. Airflow Appliance Repair's team can quickly and conveniently fix or repair any of the major brands of washers such as: Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, GE, Miele, Bosch, LG, Frigidaire, Samsung, Haier, AEG, Admiral, Amana, Asko, Ariston, Brandt, Beko, Bendix, Blomberg, Creda, Crosley, Dyson, Electrolux, Fisher and Paykel, Hoover, Hotpoint, Hitachi, Magic Chef, Indesit, Roper, Staber, Siemens, Zanussi

Contact our friendly team today, to discuss your washer repairs.

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In addition to our expert knowledge and extensive appliance repair history we offer a 5 year limited warranty on major parts. This means that you can rest assured at the high quality of workmanship we offer to our customers.

Additionally, we also offer a 30 day warranty on labor. What this means is simple: If your appliance has any other problems within 30 days from the day of the original repair, we promise to fix it with a 50% discount on labor for the second service call. To learn more about appliance repair warranty in Pomona area click here.

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Save 15% off labor on residential and commercial washer repair
Save 15% off labor on residential and commercial washer repair




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